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Project Description

Mossman Gorge

Mossman Gorge and the surrounding Daintree region are a breathtaking and unique experience. The forest meets the reef in a spectacular way. It is the only place in the world where visitors can witness two heritage listed sites existing side by side in perfect harmony.

Mossman Gorge is one of the few places in Australia that visitors can gain an insight into the lives, culture and beliefs of Australia’s Indigenous population and their connection to the natural environment. One third of Australia’s 315 mammal species call the Daintree Rainforest, including the Mossman Gorge, home. Thirteen of these species cannot be found anywhere else in the world including unique green possums, ringtail possums, fierce marsupial cats, rare bats, and tree kangaroos and the rare antechinus.


Experience Mossman Gorge by yourself with one of the hiking tracks or go on a guided Dreamtime Walk Tour conducted by the local Indigenous people. Warning: Safety is your responsibility! Entering the Mossman River can be dangerous and is done at your own risk as the Mossman Gorge is unsupervised and unmonitored. Water conditions can change quickly and unexpectedly due to heavy rain in other areas. Before entering the water assess the conditions carefully and always use extreme caution.

Baral Marrjanga

Grade: easy

Distance: 270 m

Time: 5-10 mins

Baral Marrjanga leads through the rainforest from the shuttle bus stop to a lookout with views of the Mossman River and the mountain ranges beyond. The track includes two sections of elevated boardwalk which pass through the lower rainforest canopy. The track is suitable for wheelchairs, strollers and the vision-impaired.

Lower river track

Grade: moderate to easy

Distance: 300 m

Time: 5-10 mins

This track starts at the shuttle bus stop and winds along the Mossman River before joining Baral Marrjanga. Several small lookouts along the track provide views of the river. Although most of the lower river track is easy walking, the steps can be slippery. Please take care and use the handrails provided.

Rex Creek bridge

Grade: moderate to easy

Distance: 460 m

Time: 10 mins

To reach the Rex Creek suspension bridge, follow Baral Marrjanga to the lookout and take the short, sign-posted track to the left.

Rainforest Circuit Track

Grade: moderate to easy

Distance: 2.4 km return

Time: 45 mins

This track begins on the far side of Rex Creek bridge. On the left, 80m from the bridge a small lookout provides views of Manjal Dimbi (Mount Demi). A little way past the lookout the track divides to form a circuit that meanders through the rainforest.

Dreamtime Gorge Walk

Join a guided Dreamtime Walk Tour conducted by the local Indigenous people, to get a deeper insight into the ancient flora and fauna of the rainforest, and learn about traditional plant uses and Kuku Yalanii culture.

In this intimate group tour (approx 15 guests) you are welcomed with a traditional ‘smoking’ ceremony that cleanses and wards off bad spirits. The walk then meanders through stunning rainforest and takes in traditional huts or humpies. Your experienced interpretive Indigenous guide demonstrates traditional plant use, identify bush food sources and provide an enchanting narrative of the rainforest and their special relationship with this unique tropical environment. Your guide demonstrates traditions like making bush soaps and ochre painting. At the end of the tour enjoy traditional bush tea and damper. A Dreamtime Gorge Walk takes about 1.5 hours.

Getting there

Mossman Gorge lies 77km north of Cairns, 20km north of Port Douglas and 2 km from the township of Mossman. To get to the Gorge from Cairns self drive is a great option, the Captain Cook Highway is part of the Great Tropical Drive and is one of the most famous drives in the Southern Hemisphere renowned for its stunning scenery as it winds along the coast of the tropical seaside rainforest. There’s ample parking available at Mossman Gorge Centre.


All of the walking tracks are clearly signposted and maps are also provided upon entry. Seasonal track closures may occur from time-to-time due to localised flooding or track maintenance.

1 Apr 2017 – 31 Mar 2018


Child 5-15 years inclusive

Infant 0-4 years

Family Pass – 2 Adults + 2 Children